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roof systemsAs one of the leading roof coating suppliers, Uniflex® offers roof coating solutions for most types of buildings. These products are UL and FM approved, come with extensive warranty coverage and help solve your roof issues while meeting budget needs. Uniflex® offers a variety of tools to assist Architects, Specifiers, Engineers and other Design Professionals. If you’re involved in property management, Uniflex® can help protect your assets and lower energy costs. Contractors have trusted these proven systems for over 100 years to help them get the job done right and avoid call-backs. Whether your facility’s roof is metal, modified bitumen, built-up, single-ply, or polyurethane foam, Uniflex® has a coating solution to fit your needs.

Over 100 Years of Experience in the Professional Roof Coating Industry
KST Coatings, A Business Unit of The Sherwin-Williams Company, has manufactured quality roof coatings for over 100 years. We have over a century of tradition and experience in helping our customers find innovative solutions. Roofing needs have changed over time, but our commitment to meeting our customers’ needs with industry leading service has not.

Energy Saving & Life Extending Qualities...
The Uniflex® Product Portfolio features reflective products that can help reduce cooling costs for your facility and conserve energy. These products conform to Energy Star requirements and are tested and rated by the Cool Roof Ratings Council. In addition to helping you save on your cooling bills, some utility companies offer rebates to building owners who conserve energy by using Uniflex® coatings on their roofs. You may also realize an accounting benefit as recoating jobs are often deductible in the first year. The benefits to you and the environment don't stop there. Most Uniflex coating jobs cost a fraction of the price of a new roof installation. By extending the life of your existing roof, you'll be helping the environment by not filling up landfills with the disposal of the existing roofing materials. Uniflex’s® energy-saving and life-extending qualities make it one of the most environmentally conscious roof coating products on the market.

Distribution & Service right in your Neighborhood
When Sherwin-Williams acquired KST Coatings in 2005, Uniflex® immediately became available in over 3,200 Sherwin-Williams stores throughout the country. This distribution not only brings Uniflex® closer to you, it also brings the expertise to help answer any question you might have about your roofing project. Some roofs may not be prime candidates for Uniflex coatings. A qualified Sherwin-Williams Representative and Uniflex Account Manager will recommend the right system to meet your needs. The Account Manager will then select the best Uniflex coating for your job and work with the building owner and contractor through the completion of the project. This dedication to providing the right solution and the best possible service has been part of the fabric of Uniflex® for over 100 years, and it's now available to you at your neighborhood Sherwin-Williams Store.

Recognized for Great Performance
Many Uniflex® product solutions are Energy Star approved and rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council. Uniflex comes with long-term systems warranties. Not only does Uniflex® offer a great Roof Coating System at an amazing value, but it's also backed by an incredible guarantee. To further underscore Uniflex's® recognition for unsurpassed quality and service, below is a partial list of prestigious companies who have specified Uniflex® Roof Coating Systems:


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